Elevator Pitch Guidelines

Elevator Pitch should not exceed one minute. Following guidelines may be considered
Imagine This….

You’re in an elevator.  You hear a voice asking you to hold the door, so you do, and to your surprise, it’s the CEO of your company who is now smiling and offering thanks as well as saying “So you work in product development right? Remind me, what it is you do?“

Are you prepared?  Will you response be well timed, concise and articulate?  Can you impress him/her?

How about this… you’re at a party, a friend introduces you to their colleague who just so happens to be a venture capitalist which couldn’t be better, because you just so happen to be looking for funding.  You’ve got 30 seconds to impress them and catch their imagination- can you do it?  Will your proposition be the one that stands out?  Will they ask for more details?

The objective of an elevator pitch is to deliver just enough of the crucial information in a charismatic and articulate manner, so that it leaves one naturally asking for more information.  Done properly, an elevator pitch will encourage more questions, giving you more time to sell yourself.

So how do you prepare an elevator pitch? Follow these 4 easy steps and you’ll have a winning pitch!

1. WHO:  Describe who you are

2. WHAT:  Describe what you do

3. WHY: Describe why you are unique

4. GOAL:  Describe your goal

For Example

"Zed Studio is a design consultancy and manufacturer that specializes in interactive and illuminating point-of-sale advertising displays.

Our designs are guaranteed to increase brand awareness by 68%, Ad recall by 72% and purchase intent by 86%.

We combine leading technologies with creativity and intelligence that produces point of sale displays unlike any others on the market.  Whether it’s a custom built shop window or a retro fitted product stand, we create the WOW factor with every design to ensure that our client’s products stand out amongst all the competition.

Over the next 12 months we are looking to expand our global reach.  We are seeking £xxx for a £xxx return on investment to speed up the process.

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