Executive Summary

Executive Summary (ES)
Executive Summary is the gateway towards a business plan. Venture capitalist read the summary first and if it attractive, he may decides to read the rest of the document.

Make it original rather than cut-copy-paste, it should be interesting and informatory, keeping in view the rule of conciseness. Remember! Write to the audience’s interest.

Precisely, it shall have broader sections as what is the business concept (the market need), how your business model serves this need and what will the measurable results.

We suggest that you make it two-three pages, covering the same topics as in business plan except a short paragraph on each of the topics.

Pattern your summary as if you would be having a five-minute interview.

It may contains charts and tables specially to convince on financial and growth aspects

Please cover the following aspects

1.1  Overview
        Briefly explain the fundamentals of your business.
1.2  Market Need:
        What problems are you solving or are going to solve?
1.3   Opportunity Size:
        "How big is the opportunity, i.e. how big is the target market?"
1.4   Industry Analysis:
        “Discuss some elements of Industry Environment e.g. Future outlook, Trends, Growth Rate, Govt. Policies etc
         and your Competitors (who they are and how are they attempting to satisfy the same need?)”
1.5   You Solution and it's competitive advantage:
        “What is your product/ service concept? How are your product/services different from the competitors-What is
         your competitive advantage/s?, What is the value proposition of your solution”
1.6   Current or Potential Customers:
        “Identify current and potential customers (B to B or B to C). Can you measure them?”
1.7  Go to Market Strategy:
        "How do you go to the market?" - Summarize your sales and marketing plans, and explain why these plans
         are credible. "How are you going to make money?"
1.8  Our Team:
        “Who are the key people behind the venture and what are their credentials? Include all key management
         people; is there a need to hire other key management people?" - Explain why you and your team are the right
         people to make the idea work.
1.9  Risks and Mitigation Plans:
        Summarise, potential vulnerabilities and challenges of the business (SWOT Analysis) and devise a
        contingency plan (back up plan) A Plan B.
1.10 Financials:
        "What does the company expect to achieve in sales and profit in years 1, 2, 3? What is the startup capital?
         What are the sources of capital? And how will you utilize the funds? Stating the Pay back period is a good

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